Sidney is known as the Sunrise city located in eastern Montana. The American Fur Company established Fort Union Trading Post hear in the mid 1830’s. It is located in close proximity to Mokoshika State Park, Lake Sacagawea, Teddy Roosevelt National Park, and Fort Peck Reservation. Population is approximately 5,000.


Living Situation:

  • 63% share a house with AmeriCorps members
  • 37% share an apartment with AmeriCorps members

Living Costs:

  • Many of the AmeriCorps members receive Section 8 housing assistance.
  • 37% pay $24/year split between them
  • 25% pay $25 for their apartment
  • 13% pay $3 per month with housing assistance
  • 13% pay $22.50.
  • Average utilities are $63.50/month


  • 63% lives 1-3 miles from their place of work
  • 37% live less than a mile from their place of work
  • 75% live less than a mile from town; two members live 1-3 miles from town.
  • 75% think it is necessary to have a car in order to live comfortable; 2 do not.

Rental Recommendations:

  • Richard and Rhonda Fink, 1601 14th St. SW, Sidney, MT 59270-5436, 406-488-7522
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