Online Fundraising

Recommended Online Services: This is the easiest fundraising site to get started. Just go to the site and click the green ‘Sign up’ button. Walk through the simple steps to set up a page. You can upload your email address book, and even get fancy with it, upload photos, create a ‘widget’ that you can post on your own website or blog, etc. Check out my example: This site has more social networking capabilities, but you don’t need a membership to view the page and donate. It’s also pretty easy to set up, but there is no mass email feature (for better or for worse). My example:

Facebook Causes: Facebook Causes can be viewed by anyone, but to set up a fund-raising page requires a Facebook account. This is a great peer-to-peer fundraising tool, because it’s very popular, and it builds on existing relationships. My example: (note: Causes is also available for MySpace, but I find it error-prone and clunky, and don’t recommend it).

Other Services:
Changing the Present

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