Missoula is known as the Garden City for its mild winters compared to the rest of Montana. It is located in an old Glacial Lake bed and is surrounded by national forests and wilderness areas.

Standard of Living

Living Situation:

  • 46% share a house with non-AmeriCorps members
  • 8 % share an apartment with AmeriCorps members
  • 27% live alone
  • 15% share an apartment with non-AmeriCorps members
  • 4% shares a house with AmeriCorps members

Living Costs:

  • $332.84 is the average rent for the 23 members who pay rent
  • $46.16 average utilities for the 19 members who reported paying utilities.


  • 12%members live less than a mile from work
  • 52% members live 1-3 miles from work
  • 24% members live 3-5 miles from work
  • 12%members live 5-10 miles from work
  • 38.5% members live less than a mile from town
  • 53.8% members live 1-3 miles from town
  • 7.7% members live 3-5 miles from town.
  • 19% said they feel it is necessary to have a car

Rental Recommendations:

  • Butterfly Properties: www.butterflypropertiesllc.com
  • Grizzly Property Management: 406-542-2060
  • Garden City Property Management
  • Caras Property Management- Quick processing of applications, reliable maintenance person, and often a full deposit return. Carpets must be professionally cleaned upon moving out. Renters opinions vary over quality of Caras Property Management.
  • ADEA Property- Good housing units. Slow to respond to maintenance issues. Professional office.
  • Avoid Lambros
  • Tiffany Jette: 406-396-3239
  • www.missoulaapartments.biz 4200 Expressway Missoula, MT 59808-1412 (406) 327-1212
  • Bitterroot Property Management: 414 West Broadway Street Missoula, MT 59802-4114, (406) 549-9631
  • AmeriCorps members use a variety of resources to find housing: Craigslist, past AmeriCorps members, friends, local newspapers, colleagues, word of mouth, and the University of Montana announcement board in the University Center
  • UM's Off-Campus Renter Center provides a variety of resources for Missoula-based renters. umt.edu/asum/rentercenter/Listings.html
  • The Missoulian also has a list of rentals on their website classifieds.


Missoula Electric Co-Op (406) 541-4433
NorthWestern Energy (406)542-5932
Mountain Water Company (406) 721-5570
Allied Waste Service (406) 543-3157
AB Telcom (406)549-4401
B + C Telephone, Inc (406) 543-6700
Blackfoot Telecommunications Group (406) 541-5000
Qwest Communications (800) 244-1111
Bresnan Communications (800) 244-1111


BridgeMaxx (406) 542-5643 [http://www.digitalbridgecommunications.com] for si

Bresnan Communications (866) 471-1037
924 S 3rd Street West
Missoula, MT 59801

Community Events

Community Events can be found at missoulanews.com and missoulian.com .
Missoula has a great Farmer’s Market that starts in the summer and goes well into the fall. Caras Park has Out to Lunch on Wednesday afternoons in the summer with live music and great food vendors.
University of Montana has sporting events, concerts, and theatre. To receive a weekly update of University events (many free), go to http://www.umt.edu/urelations/tgif/ and subscribe.
Missoula Children’s Theatre

Check out the Missoula Independent for social events in Missoula.

The Calendar is also a good source of events.


Skiing: Snow Bowl is located minutes from Missoula for skiing.

Popular Missoula Hikes: Kim Williams Nature Trail (2.5 miles), Mount Sentinel "M" trail (3/4 miles to "M," 1 3/4 mile to the top of Mount Sentinel), Pattee Canyon Northside Trails (1-3 miles), Greenough Park Loop (1 mile), Rattlesnake Recreation Area
to Wilderness Area

Parks and Recreation has many adult sports leagues including soccer, basketball and water polo.

Missoula Ultimate Frisbee league has a spring league April 6-May 25th on Wednesday nights. Email moc.etamitlualuossim|ofni#moc.etamitlualuossim|ofni if you are interested.

Missoula has many Non-profits to partner and network with including Montana People’s Action, Inc., Missoula Downtown association, and Missoula Foodbank.

Government Officials

Mayor John Engen
435 Ryman Way
Missoula, MT 59802-4297
(406) 552-6001

City Council

7:00 p.m.
First four Mondays of the month, except legal holidays
City Council Chambers located at 140 W. Pine St. Missoula, MT

Local Media

Print and Online Sources
The Missoulian
The Missoula Independent
Montana Kaimin (University of Montana)


Montana Buzz News

KECI, channel 13
KPAX, channel 8

KBGA student radio

To get a PSA on KBGA:

(allow 2 weeks)

Fax: "Attention PSA" to 243-6428

Mail: KBGA Radio
University Center 208
University of Montana
Missoula MT 59812

Email: gro.agbk|oidaragbk#gro.agbk|oidaragbk (I'm not really sure if they check this…)

Call: KBGA office 243-6758

Try to make it sound good when read out loud. Give the office a call beforehand if you have any questions or concerns about the content. KBGA staff might edit to conform with FCC guidelines (no calls to action, prices, etc.).

KUFM public radio

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