Miles City

After the Battle of Little Bighorn, the United States government created forts in Eastern Montana. Fort Keogh came about in 1846. After surviving several rough winters, the Fort grew into a small town, which eventually got named after General Miles. Currently, Miles City’s population is roughly 8,500.

Standard of Living

All information was collected from a survey distributed to MT AmeriCorps members in Winter 2009-2010

Living Situation:

  • 100% live alone

Living Costs:

  • $300 average rent
  • $77.50 average utilities for the two who reported paying utilities


  • 100% live 1-3 miles from their place of work
  • 100% live 1-3 miles from town
  • 100% feel it is necessary to have a car

Rental Recommendations:

  • 75% recommended John Goff- 406-853-2191
  • 25% recommended Becky Gergen- 1005 N. Montana Ave Miles City, MT 59301, (406)951-1096.
  • She's very nice, and sometimes even makes dinner for the member. The layout of the apartment is nice, and it came furnished, and there's an in-suite washer and dryer. Caveats: she won't let you live in the apartment if you smoke (her husband has lung problems and is very allergic), if you party loudly (she lives in the upstairs of the house), or have "gentleman/lady callers" (ie: no having bf/gf/random person you hook up with stay the night).
  • One was provided by their supervisor a list of landlords that might have housing available
  • One member’s supervisor found housing for them, said that Craigslist is useless in Miles City, check the classifieds in the local paper
  • One member recommended, and that the Chamber of Commerce has a list of landpeople.
  • occasionally has rental information, as well as events happening around the community.


Montana Dakota Utilities (800) 424-5555

Community Events/Attractions

Check out the Miles City or the Library for events.

  • Bucking Horse Sale: Each May, there are street dances, rodeos, and other activities.
          • Eastern Montana Fair: Held in late August, it’s the biggest fair east of Billings.
          • The Earthship: located just outside of Miles City, a house made (mostly) out of recycled wood, bottles and tires
          • AAA Baseball during the summer
          • Farmers’ Market on Saturdays throughout the summer
          • Montana Cinema
          • Fall Festival
          • Fort Keogh: Originally a fort after the Battle of Little Bighorn, it eventually became a livestock research lab.
          • Custer Co. Art and Heritage Center
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