Malta is a city in and the county seat of Phillips County, Montana, United States,] located at the intersection of U.S. Routes 2 and 191. The population was 2,120 at the 2000 census.


All information was collected from a survey distributed to MT AmeriCorps members in Winter 2009-2010

Living Situation:

  • 100% live alone

Living Costs:

  • Rent Average of $495/month


  • 100% Lives less than a mile from place of work
  • 100% Lives less than a mile from town
  • 100% Feels that it is necessary to have a car

Rental Recommendations:

  • AmeriCorps Member spoke with local realtor to find housing, who put the member on a waiting list. The apartment and house rental situation in Malta is very difficult right now. If other AmeriCorps members are moving to Malta in the future the member suggests they start looking for housing as early as possible, talk to realtors and other locals for help in finding unadvertised apartments, and be prepared to possibly move into someone's spare room.
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