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Fundraising Strategies

— For veterans: The Veterans Corporation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial programs for veterans, service-disabled veterans, and members of the National Guard and reserve nationwide. The Veterans Corporation's Development Grant Program supports educational and outreach organizations that help veterans pursue business opportunities and careers. The focus is on supporting programs for veterans who are starting or growing a small business. Applications may be submitted throughout the year. Grants of up to $50,000 are provided. Visit the Veterans Corporation website for application guidelines and forms.

Service Day fundraising

— For MLK day:The Corporation for National and Community Service provides funding for service day projects. Be sure to note the early submission deadline. See their web info at

— For Global Youth Service Days. The following Youth Service America web site liinks to a variety of funding sources available for Global Youth Service Day projects. Note the early deadlines.

Small scale fundraising (donations):

Here are some small-scale fund sources for projects and service events. Be aware that most chain stores have a budget cycle for donations, so don't wait too long contact them; you may miss their cycle. Also, try to avoid AmeriCorps programs in a community competing for store managers support at the same time — perhaps by setting up some communication among members to plan for major service days.

For each business, you need a letter explaining your event with your tax exempt ID. Some of the stores have a form to complete. A variety of local merchants will give a gift card (good at their store), discount prices, or donate material. We (in Missoula) received donations from grocery stores, Walgreens, a Party America store, a pizza shop, etc.

— Coldstone has stores in Great Falls, Billings and Missoula. The Missoula store donated ice cream packs for Make a Difference Day.

— Albertson's store managers have some discretion over small scale contributions. Also, the corporate level sponsors: a Community Partners program, giving back for youth one shopping cart at a time! Their web site reads: Earning money for youth and education is now easier than ever - we've linked the Community Partners Card to the Preferred Savings Card. Shoppers can earn money for their favorite schools or non-profit youth organizations - just by using their Preferred Savings Card.

— COSTCO store managers are able to approve small donations, but you have to submit an application early enough to get your request considered, e.g. up to 3 months lead time.

— Wal-Mart stores in Missoula have a donations committee for small donations. Other stores in other communities may also have such a committee. The Missoula stores have a donations form that requires a tax exempt ID.

— Walgreens needs time to submit a request to the district manager for a decision.

— Rosauers decisions are made at a district level.

— Schwan's Fundraising will hold a truckload sale with a percentage of the profits going towards your organization. The higher the event sales, the higher the donation percentage. Call Jim Frey: 406-549-158 (O); 406-370-7026 (C).

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