Public Relations:

This committee is responsible for both local and statewide publicity projects for AmeriCorps. Within ACMAC, they are in charge of developing newsletters, brochures, and other awareness-raising documents. Contact a member of this committee if you have questions about what AmeriCorps is and does, or for help with publicity for your events. The PR committee correlates with the first aim of ACMAC: to raise awareness of AmeriCorps and national service in Montana.


Ambassador: The role of the ambassador committee is to encourage networking among the members of all branches of AmeriCorps. We want to make your AmeriCorps service as enjoyable and painless as possible. Members of the ambassador committee work to facilitate communication among members, help make the transition into AmeriCorps a smooth one, and secure benefits and discounts for members. Please see an ACMAC ambassador if you have questions about life as an AmeriCorps member, or if you just need someone to talk to. This committee correlates with the second aim of ACMAC: to support Montana AmeriCorps members.

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