Americorps Week Press Release



Local AmeriCorps Members Celebrate National Service

City (Date) - The [[____]] annual AmeriCorps Week will kick off with [[describe event]]. AmeriCorps Week, scheduled for [[dates]], is a time to salute members and alums for their powerful impact, thank community partners who make AmeriCorps possible, and bring more Americans into service.

AmeriCorps Week provides an opportunity for AmeriCorps members, alums, grantees, program partners, and friends to shine a spotlight on the work done by members in communities across the country—and to motivate more Americans to join AmeriCorps or volunteer in their communities. AmeriCorps Week events are happening all across the country. They include statewide AmeriCorps gatherings, award ceremonies, “AmeriCorps for a Day” events with local VIPs, community service projects, recruitment fairs, and more.
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About AmeriCorps: AmeriCorps members address critical needs in communities all across America. Each year, AmeriCorps offers 75,000 opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Whether your service makes a community safer, gives a child a second chance, or helps protect the environment, you’ll be getting things done through AmeriCorps!

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