There are many reasons Montana is the last best place for community service. Of course, mountains, rivers, lakes, and wildlife are among those. But Americorps members in Montana also have access to unique programs, such as Academic Learning Integrated with Volunteer Experience (ALIVE). ALIVE is a partnership between the state’s Corporation for National and Community Service and the University of Montana’s Office of Civic Engagement. It allows Americorps members to enroll for graduate school credits during their service. These credits can be earned through internships, service learning, and the university’s online non-profit administration program. Members can even earn a credit for the Community Building Institute! Participation in ALIVE may help you develop skills required for your service, your work site may be willing to assist with tuition. Ask you supervisor! Scholarship opportunities are also available!

The credits can be applied toward a master’s in interdisciplinary studies, or earned as non-degree credits, up to nine of which can be transferred to another graduate program.

For more information, contact Marian Palaia in the Office of Civic Engagement, or visit the program’s website:

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